New Service Business Ideas, 3 Hot Ideas To Make Money

To make real profits with a business you should be looking to provide a service that has low competition in your area and fills a gap in the market. Below I have outlined 3 of my favorite ideas from the many that I have reviewed.

  • Spyware/Virus Removal: I used to think that this was an add-on business service but have known many people, including myself, that have paid good money to have their infected computers fixed. In reality there are very low-cost information packages that show you how to easily remove Spyware and Viruses from computers, and marketed correctly this growing business area should see good profits as competition from the repair shops is expensive and people will pay to get their computers sorted out quickly.
  • Headstone Cleaning: I read recently about a guy that makes many thousands a year from offering a headstone cleaning service to his local community. Cleaning marble, limestone, granite and metal headstones on behalf of loved ones is not so specialist that a person with a bit about them couldn’t duplicate this in their area and make a good repeat business. What I particularly like about this business is that it is respectful and not difficult to get yourself known as the person offering this service. Add-on services could include headstone maintenance and flower placement if people are not able to attend to their loved ones.
  • Christmas Light Installation: If I told you I know of guys making up to $100,000 a year in a few weeks installing outside Christmas lights then I bet that will surprise you, it did me too.Christmas light installers can make an annual income in a few weeks, and although I have seen two or three mentions in the national press and on TV about this business I believe that this business can be offered in many towns and succeed. I know of a few people that have remarked that they would take up this service if it was offered.